HANA recommendation functionSurely you already know HANA Express, the development platform on HANA that SAP distributes for free and that can even be used productively (up to a certain limit) .

The installation requirements are not very demanding although the 32 GB of RAM are not available to most laptops. In these cases you can access a cloud deployment for a reasonable price. In my case I have installed it several times in a 1 terabyte memory RAM that I bought for about 150€ where I have several virtual machines raised.

The installation of HANA Express is quite simple especially because there is a lot of info about it. If you are not a systems expert and you are not going to make productive use of the platform, my recommendation is that you follow this installation guide on an already prepared virtual machine. If you can’t meet the installation requirements, my B plan would be to do it on the google platform. As I said this has a cost, but it is true that for new users Google is giving 300$ free. Here is the guide.


But what I really wanted to share in this post is the problem I encountered when installing the additional components of HANA Express. Is this necessary? Well, if you just want to play a little with the WebIDE you can live without it, but if you want to use SAP HANA Automated Predictive Library Package or SAP HANA External Machine Learning Library you will have to install them. In my case I wanted to use the HANA recommendation function within the APL module.

Here you can find a tutorial that guides you in the installation of this package but the fact is that when you run the DownloadManager you get this error.

 first two messages mislead a lot but are only a warning that we can ignore. The third message yes that is a error. This error was discovered in summer and since then SAP engineers have been working on it to solve it …

The workaround proposed by SAP is to run the DownloadManager from outside this HANA server, download the additional package, move that file to the HANA server and it can then be installed (they say). Without a doubt if you are making a productive use or simply a serious corporate use on the platform this is the recommended option.

What I propose here is a much faster workaround. It is only necessary to change the date to the HANA server and the download can be done.

At this point I disclaim any responsibility and I comment that there is some debate on this issue. I leave the thread of the conversation here. In the conversation you can see how the Java license could be violated by making productive use of the platform through this change. Well, it’s not my case

This method is fast, effective and dirty. Go ahead with him! Using the instruction ‘sudo timedatectl set-time 2019-07-31’ we change the date and immediately proceed to execute the DownloadManager that connects correctly now.

After changing the date the server, the platform is unstable since we have another date on our computer. Before proceeding with the installation of the package we restart the server.


Now we have the file but before installing it we have to unzip it.

And finally we launch the package installation.

Wait a few minutes (at least on my computer which is not a rocket) and finally we have the package installed.

And we already have it, the package ready to be consumed in HANA!

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