SAP Analytics Cloud

Advanced business analytics

¿What is SAC?

SAP Analytics Cloud (or simply SAC) is the SAP tool that provides all the analytical functionalities necessary for a company. It is a scalable solution in the cloud and easily integrated into the technical architecture map of any company. The tool is offered as SaaS so that you can choose which features you want to access and pay only for what is used.

In Panazea, we are strongly committed to SAC as an analysis tool, just like the rest of SAP Business Intelligence products. If you need help with your SAC project or simply want to know the product, do not hesitate to call us. We will show you what SAC can do for your business.

SAC Functionalities


The most basic functionality of SAC included in all its payment plans is Business Intelligence with various functionalities to analyze large amounts of data in relevant information that can be stored, shared, etc. The HANA database in memory gives you a great capacity to handle huge amounts of data (which may be hosted in SAC or not).


With the planning functionality, the planning and prediction capabilities of SAC are unlocked based on the HANA predictive algorithms. In this way, with a really simple interface, it is possible to carry out planning based on the information stored and we can answer questions of the type: What would happen in the income statement of such company if the price of this product were this other? What sales planning should the next quarter have based on these factors?


Although it is true that this functionality is not achievable to all companies due to its high monthly cost, for large companies we are facing a really amazing functionality. Through the Digital Boardroom we can design panels with all the relevant business information with the ability to navigate and analyze the data sequentially from the large indicator of the initial panel to the invoice or sales order we want.


More mature and experienced companies with SAC require a more specific management of the relevant information that is generated in SAC. Through the HUB we access the dashboard for the administration of the services and the information available.


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