Very useful the post of Nieves to install and configure the SAP Cloud Connector. It will be good to have it on hand.

We are going to add one more brushstroke to this theme. The SAP Cloud Connector will start automatically by default when the host system starts. When it comes to an installation on a laptop, this can be excessive, especially if it is not used daily and the laptop has limited resources. It will be more convenient not to start automatically and starting it only when it is to be used.

Our SAP friends could have added a switch off for this option in the graphical interface but they have not thought it convenient … Thank you, colleagues! We will see here how to disable start automatically in Windows.

First we go to the Windows Services application.


In this list of services locate the SAP Cloud Connector.

When you double-click on the service, the window with its properties appears and in the General tab we have the ‘Start Type’.

Here we can disable it. Press ‘apply’ and ‘accept’ and it’s ready. The next time the computer starts, SAP Cloud Connector will not and by the time we want to use it, we just have to start it manually.

It is not that this product consumes a lot of resources, but well, some of us are a little perfeccionist of our equipment… 😉

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